Best Dog Food for Australian Cattle Dog in 2024

Australian cattle dogs, also known as blue heelers or Queensland heelers, are energetic herding dogs that need a balanced and nutritious diet. This article will discuss the important factors to consider when choosing Best Dog Food for Australian Cattle Dog and recommend some of the best dog foods for Australian cattle dogs based on ingredients, nutrition, and suitability for their lifestyle and needs. A healthy diet will keep your pooch feeling energetic to play all day.

Nutritional Requirements for Australian Cattle Dog

Best Dog Food for Australian Cattle Dog

The nutritional requirements for your Australian cattle dog are given below:


Carbs provide energy for dogs to play. Simple carbs like corn and wheat are easy for dogs to digest but don’t provide many nutrients. Complex carbs like oats, barley, and brown rice supply fiber and nutrients. Limit simple carbs to less than 10% of the diet for optimal health and energy levels. Look for foods with complex carbs listed higher in ingredients instead of simple carbs.


Fat provides energy and helps dogs absorb vitamins. A diet too low in fat can cause skin and coat issues. Omega fatty acids support skin and coat health. Look for a balance of 5-10% fat from healthy sources like salmon, flaxseed, or chicken fat. Avoid diets very high in fat as this is unhealthy and can lead to weight gain.

Vitamins and Minerals

A balanced diet with various ingredients provides essential vitamins and minerals for health. Foods fortified with vitamins and minerals support immune function and overall well-being. Australian cattle dogs need glucosamine and vitamin E for their active lifestyle. A complete and balanced diet prevents nutrient deficiencies.

Ingredients to Avoid

Some additives and preservatives aren’t suitable for dogs. It’s best to avoid foods with artificial colors, flavors, and long lists of unnamed meats or by-products, which may include fillers. Limited ingredient or single protein diets are easy for sensitive stomachs to digest. Avoid foods with added sugar and salt, as these don’t provide nutrition and can cause health issues in large amounts.

Recommended Food Brands for Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dogs are energetic working dogs that need highly nutritious food to fuel their active lifestyles. Here are some Best Dog Food for Australian Cattle Dog to consider:

The Farmer’s Dog Fresh Dog Food Subscription

One novel food choice is The Farmer’s Dog fresh food subscription. Instead of kibble, they deliver freshly made meals cooked at a human-grade facility. Each recipe is tailored to an Aussie’s needs, containing proteins; whole foods like chicken, beef, and legumes provide sustained energy and muscle maintenance for busy cattle herders. A vet nutritionist formulates balanced vitamins and minerals, too. Owners love the hassle-free delivery and personalized portions, ensuring pups get all nutrients in tasty meals with no food left behind. A great choice for pups with sensitive tummies.

Purina Pro Plan High Protein Dry Dog Food

Purina Pro Plan is a trusted brand that provides complete and balanced Best Dog Food for Australian Cattle Dog. Their High Protein formula supplies higher amounts of meat-based proteins to fuel extreme exercise. Chicken is the first ingredient, delivering high-quality animal protein for muscle growth and repair. Added vitamins and minerals support bone and coat health, too. Many Aussie owners find their pups thrive on the nutrient-dense kibble without filling them up too much. Made with simple ingredients in a plant, so quality is assured. An affordable everyday diet option.

VICTOR Classic Hi-Pro Formula Dry Dog Food

For years, VICTOR has created healthy Best Dog Food for Australian Cattle Dog for sporting and working breeds. Their Hi-Pro Dry formula has optimized amounts of proteins from meat meals and meat products for energy and tissue building. Whole-grain oats and brown rice support digestion. Key nutrients support immune, skin, and coat health, too. Owners love that the small kibble pieces are easy for Aussie pups to chew and swallow. Many say it keeps their active herders feeling full longer versus other brands. A top choice for nutritional balance and sustained energy.

Gentle Giants Chicken Dry Dog Food

Gentle Giants nutritionists tailored their kibble with large breed dogs like Aussies in mind. Their gentle oat and chicken recipe contains high-quality protein from deboned chicken to fuel muscles without too much fat. Added wholesome grains and fibers aid digestion, too. Supplements support hip and joint health, which is important for active breeds prone to those issues. Many owners find the large kibble pieces and gentle flavors settle well in sensitive Aussie stomachs after long grazing hours. Suitable for growing or senior pups alike.

Merrick Classic Healthy Grains Dry Dog Food

Merrick uses regional American ranch-raised proteins and non-GMO grains in their Classic formula. Chicken and turkey provide easily digestible protein from whole meat sources. Flaxseed is added to aid skin and coat sheen, too. Whole grain brown rice and oats add fiber for regularity. Supplements also support bone, teeth, and heart health – key concerns for working dogs. Owners love its simpler recipe with meat as the first few ingredients. Aussies stay full and maintain activity levels on this nutrient-rich kibble all day.

Natural Balance Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Natural Balance offers a Grain-Free Best Dog Food for Australian Cattle Dog made with alternatives like sweet potatoes and peas for pups sensitive to grains. High-quality meat proteins from fish, beef, and buffalo fuel energy without weight gain. Supplements support brain health during training, too. When switching to this recipe, many Aussie owners notice softer stools and shinier coats. With limited and simple ingredients, it works well for pups prone to allergies or easy to overeat. A premium option for grain-free nutrition.

Nutro Natural Choice Adult Dry Dog Food

Nutro Natural Choice uses a ‘back-to-basics’ approach with whole food proteins and fruits/veggies in their kibble. Chicken, salmon, and eggs deliver protein from multiple high-quality meat sources. Carrots, spinach, and blueberries are added as antioxidants while supplementing vitamins and minerals. Many owners notice shinier coats and healthier skin with these balanced nutrients. Aussies stay satisfied for hours on its balanced formula made for adult dogs. An affordable daily diet for basic nutritional balance.

Nulo Freestyle Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food

For a novel twist, try Nulo’s freeze-dried raw nuggets. They use USDA-approved raw meats, organs, and bones that are gently dehydrated to retain nutrients. Protein from beef, salmon, and eggs nourishes muscles and supports dental health. Many Aussie owners mix the nuggets into kibble for taste and added nutrition. While not a complete diet, it’s a healthier topper than table scraps. Pups gobble it up fast for a nutrient-dense treat anytime.

Acana Wholesome Grains Dry Dog Food

Acana uses regional ingredients to formulate foods tailored to different lifestyles. Their Wholesome Grains recipe contains proteins from chicken, turkey, and salmon and grains like barley and oats. Added supplements support hip and joint health, which is key for herding dogs. Many owners find its nutrient density leaves Aussies feeling full on less volume. The simple whole-food ingredients suit Australian pups well for balanced daily nutrition. A premium kibble great for all life stages.

Australian Cattle Dog Feeding Chart

Dog’s Weight (lbs)Daily Food Amount (cups)
Up to 101/2 to 1
10 to 201 to 1 1/2
20 to 301 1/2 to 2
30 to 402 to 2 1/2
40 to 502 1/2 to 3
50 to 603 to 3 1/2
60 to 703 1/2 to 4
70 to 804 to 4 1/2

Wrap Up

There are many high-quality options to feed Australian cattle dogs an active herding lifestyle. Learning about ingredients like meat proteins, grains, and supplements can help owners select the right daily diet. Whether kibble, canned, or fresh-cooked meals, these nine brands provide balanced nutrition to energize Australian Cattle Dogs all day. With the right fuel, they’ll be happy hairy herders for years!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the Best Dog Food for Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dogs have medium-sized mouths. Kibble between 1/4 to 1/2 inch is ideal as it allows for comfortable chewing without risk of choking.

  1. How much protein does my Australian cattle dog food need? 

As working dogs, Australian Cattle Dogs need a minimum protein level of around 25%. This aids in muscle growth and energy levels for herding activities.

  1. Should the food be grain-free? 

Many owners choose grain-free to avoid potential allergies. However, as digestion varies, it’s best to observe the dog’s health on various diets to see what suits them best as an individual.

4. Can I give omega fatty acids foods for my Australian cattle dog food needs? Additives can provide extra nutrients the breed needs. Omega fatty acids especially support skin and coat health, which is important for dogs in hot and dusty environments.

5.How much should I feed my Australian cattle dog food needs? 

    An adult Australian Cattle Dog needs 1-11⁄2 cups per day, split into two meals. The amount can vary, so owners should monitor their weight and check with the vet if they are unsure.

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