Best Dog Food for Boston Terriers: A 2024 Ultimate Guide

Boston Terriers are small, brave dogs that need proper care and food. In this article, we will learn about dog food for Boston Terriers. We will discuss different types of food like dry food, wet food, and homemade food. We will also learn what ingredients are best and not best for Boston Terriers. By the end of this article, you will know how to feed your Boston Terrier for a healthy and happy life.

Top Food Suggestions for Boston Terriers | Best Dog Food for Boston Terriers

Top Food Suggestions for Boston Terriers

There are lots of food options available for Boston terrier dogs. However, some of the best dog food for Boston terriers are provided below: 

Dry Dog Food Boston Terriers

Dry dog food is a very common food for dogs. It is easy to store and carry while traveling. Dry foods also help clean teeth as dogs have to chew them more. For Boston Terriers, dry food, like chicken, beef, or salmon, should contain meat as the main ingredient. Grains should be lower down on the list. 

Dry foods containing a lot of grains are not good as they can upset the stomach of little Boston Terriers. Look for dry foods with meat, vegetables, and fruits. Check that the kibble size is small, as Boston Terriers have small mouths. Read the ingredients list carefully and avoid foods with colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Wet Dog Food Boston Terriers

Wet dog foods, which come in cans, are also available. They contain more moisture, so dogs need to drink less water. For Boston Terriers, wet foods made of single meat like chicken or beef are best. 

Look for wet foods without added salts, sugars, or preservatives. Wet food is useful when your dog is sick or elderly and has trouble chewing dry food. The soft texture is gentle on their teeth and gums. However, wet food can be messy to feed and costs more than dry food per meal. Mixing wet and dry food is a good option, too.

Homemade Dog Food For Boston Terriers

For Boston Terriers, limited homemade food can be included in their diet, along with packaged dog food. But homemade food needs care to give a balanced diet. Cooked meat, brown rice or pasta, vegetables, and fruits provide a homemade meal. 

But do not include onions, garlic, chocolate, caffeine, or fatty junk human foods, which can make dogs sick. Consult a veterinarian or pet nutritionist before preparing major portions of homemade food. Homemade works best as occasional treats along with regular good quality dog food.

Ingredients to Avoid for Boston Terriers

There are some ingredients that Boston Terriers should not eat much: 

  • Fresh bones can splinter and cause harm. Chocolate, caffeine, alcohol, onions, avocado, grapes, and raisins can be poisonous. 
  • Salty snacks, junk, and spicy human foods upset their stomach. Too much protein, like eggs, every day is not needed. Instead of table scraps, feed them a balanced diet. 
  • Check ingredients on packaged food labels and avoid those with artificial colors, preservatives, and extra salt or sugar. Keeping these foods away helps Boston Terriers stay healthy.

Feeding Schedule for Boston Terriers

Best Dog Food for Boston Terriers

Like all dogs, Boston Terriers also need a routine feeding schedule. Feed them twice a day- morning and evening for a healthy weight. Restrict treats and extras. Measure out the daily portion in separate servings. Don’t keep food bowls full all day. 

Feed them simultaneously each day so they don’t feel hungry between meals. Always keep clean, fresh water available. Puppies need smaller, more frequent meals than adult Boston Terriers. Adjust servings as they grow, and always prepare some extra food for busy days. A nutritious routine diet helps them live long and active.

Ideal Diet for Boston Terriers Puppies

Boston Terrier puppies need extra care for healthy growth. During their first year, feed them puppy food with more nutrients. Look for foods containing meat as the first ingredient to give protein. Grains should be lower on the list for easy digestion.

Fruits and vegetables can be added for vitamins. Puppies eat often, so feed 3-4 small meals a day. Measure food carefully as babies till they become one year old. Play with them after meals so they do not eat too fast. Keep the water bowl full always for growing pups. By following the right diet, puppies become big and strong.

Food for Senior Boston Terrier Dogs

Older Boston Terriers need special care, too. After age 7, their bodies are not the same as young dogs. Senior foods contain lower protein, fat, and calories for gentle digestion. Look for ones labeled ‘for mature dogs.’ Senior tummies get upset easily, so feed smaller portions more times a day.

Some seniors lose teeth, also. So choose soft, wet foods or add water to dry kibble to make it easy to eat. Go slowly, changing to new food as aging tummies adjust. Give several short walks daily for exercise along with a good diet. Happy senior companions live comfortable lives with little changes in care and food.

Diet for Allergic Boston Terrier Dogs

A few Boston Terriers sneeze, itch, or scratch due to food allergies. Finding the cause of food needs the careful introduction of different protein sources. First, try a source protein like lamb or fish diet to see progress. Then, slowly add one new item each time to identify allergens. Some dogs do poorly with wheat, corn, or soy ingredients.

Hypoallergenic diets avoid common dog allergens. Use it with vet guidance to get relief from itching. Treats made at home rather than store treats can help, too. With patience, Boston Terriers feel better on a customized diet for their sensitive tummies.

Food for Weight Loss

A few lucky dogs gain weight easily from treats and table scraps. For those plump Boston Terriers, switch to weight control formulas. Look for ‘light’ or ‘weight management’ in the package. These contain less calories and more nutrients.

Measure exact portions carefully as per vet advice. Take pups on longer walks to burn more energy. Weigh them regularly and adjust food amounts to see slow weight reduction. Do not make them sleep hungry. With love and positive reinforcement, fun activities replace extra eating for happy fitness. Soon, they slip into the perfect jacket size!


Dog food for Boston Terriers needs balanced nutrition for their growth and daily activities. Choose foods with meat as the first ingredient and avoid junk extras. Fresh water should always be available. 

Restrict table scraps and monitor portions for ideal weight. Homemade additions can be given occasionally. Have regular feeding times and avoid excessive treats. Consult a vet regarding food allergies or medical issues. With the right routine of feeding healthy meals, Boston Terriers remain playful companions for many happy years.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best food type for an adult Boston Terrier?

A small daily meal of good quality dry or wet food containing meat is best. Add some vegetables as treats in between.

My puppy eats too fast; what can I do?

Put some large stones in the food bowl. This will force the pup to eat around them slowly.

How many times a day should I feed a Boston Terrier?

Puppies under six months should be fed 3-4 times. Adult Boston Terriers generally twice, morning and evening.

My dog has an upset tummy; what food is gentle?

Boiled white meat like chicken or boiled rice can help settle the stomach. Check for food allergies with the vet, too.

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