Top Dog Foods for Sensitive Stomach in 2024

If your dog is having problems with their digestion, like loose poops, excess gas, or throwing up, their stomach might be sensitive. Their tummy could use a special diet tailored to their needs. The best first step is to talk to your vet. Every dog is different, so consulting an expert helps pick a healthy diet.

Popular Vet Doctors says foods with highly digestible proteins, carbs and fats, prebiotics, and probiotics can get dogs feeling better quickly. Prebiotics and probiotics help support a healthy gut while easily broken down nutrients are gentle on a sensitive stomach.

Top Dog Foods for Sensitive Stomach are listed below :

Hill’s Science Diet is the top choice for dogs with stomach issues

  • A top recommended brand is Hill’s Science Diet

Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin Formula is often the best food for dogs with digestive problems. Within this line, specially created to help tummies, five recipes are tailored for small and large dogs. 

Based on over 400 owners surveyed, Hill’s Science Diet got the highest ratings on customer satisfaction with ingredients and addressing health concerns like sensitive digestion through its special formulas.

  • Each recipe is carefully made to deliver balanced nutrients

The recipes use animal proteins as the main ingredient and are precisely balanced to provide all the vitamins and minerals a dog needs in every serving. Hill’s Science Diet 

Sensitive Stomach & Skin Formula comes as dry kibble and wet food, so owners can pick the texture and flavor that best suits their pup’s tastes and needs. The dry options have chicken and barley or grain-free chicken and potato, while the cans offer chicken and veggies, salmon and veggies, or turkey and rice flavors.

  • Vets developed and recommended this food

Like all Hill’s Science Diet foods, the Sensitive Stomach & Skin formula was created with the guidance of certified vets in America and is a brand commonly suggested by veterinarians. 

Beyond being gentle on the digestive system, it contains prebiotic fibre (from beet pulp) to aid gut wellness and maintain a balanced set of healthy bacteria in the intestines. Each serving also supplies vitamin E and omega-6 fatty acids important for a shiny coat and healthy skin

Top Dog Foods for Sensitive Stomach

Freshpet Vital Benefits Digestive Health Dog Food

  • Veterinarians specially formulated Freshpet Vital Benefits Digestive Health dog food to be gentle on a pup’s tummy. Each portion contains natural prebiotics from pumpkin and oats to support gut health. And it’s free from preservatives, slaughterhouse leftovers, and GMOs.
  • Balanced nutrition with quality ingredients

This food provides balanced nutrition and is high in protein from quality meaty ingredients like chicken, chicken liver, and eggs. Nutritious fruits and veggies round out the mix.

  • Fresh and refrigerated

You can find this fresh food in the refrigerated section at shops. It should stay chilled at home, too. It works for all sizes and ages, but the cost may be steep for extra-large dogs with big appetites.

Purina Pro Plan’s kibble for large sensitive dogs

  • For big dogs over 50 pounds that often have stomach problems, Purina Pro Plan’s Adult Large Breed Sensitive Skin & Stomach Formula is a balanced dry food made by scientists and vets with gentle digestion in mind.  
  • Salmon provides quality protein

Salmon is the main ingredient combined with easy-to-break-down barley, rice, oats, and other beneficial fats. Every serving contains highly digestible fiber, probiotics, and prebiotics to nurture a healthy gut. The recipe avoids wheat, soy, and artificial flavors – common irritants.

  • One flavor option 

The food comes only flavored with salmon and rice. While effective for digestion, not every large pup enjoys the taste of fish. Owners must consider their dog’s preferences to ensure that the dog eats with the right appetite for optimal health impact. More variety could help in some cases.

An affordable option for sensitive tummy and skin needs

  • For owners looking for a cost-effective dry food that supports the digestive system, the Purina ONE +Plus Digestive Health Sensitive Systems formula is worth considering. Created with chicken, corn, whole grains, and beef fat – ingredients research shows most dogs can easily break down.
  • Balanced nutrition included

The recipe fortifies the food with important vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Each portion supplies vitamin E and omega-6 fatty acids proven to aid skin and coat health. And it’s manufactured domestically under strict standards.

  • Only one type on offer

While fulfilling its digestion-supporting purpose, this option comes solely as dry kibble. Some dogs cannot digest wheat or chicken as main components either. So, examining an individual dog’s needs is still important before deciding. Perhaps Purina could explore additional varieties, like limited ingredients or grain-free ones, to accommodate more sensitive dogs.

A digestive support kibble for tiny tummies

  • Royal Canin’s Small Digestive Care Dry Dog Food is formulated specifically with the nutritional needs of petite pups weighing 2-22 pounds in mind. Dogs as young as 10 months or older and seniors experiencing bathroom troubles can enjoy this chicken-flavored dry kibble with a texture many small dogs find satisfying to crunch.
  • Gentle ingredients and prebiotic support

The food contains easily digestible components and is packed with fiber and prebiotics to nourish a balanced intestinal environment. As the primary protein source, chicken by-product meals incorporate various nutritious animal parts – an approach mirroring what wild canines naturally consume and one that reduces waste.

  • Convenient packaging and nutrition expertise

Small Digestive Care Dry Dog Food comes in convenient resealable bags of 3.5 or 17 pounds, allowing owners flexibility. Royal Canin has optimized dog foods through scientific research for decades, continually earning veterinarians’ trust as a go-to brand for complete and balanced nutrition tailored to dogs’ varying needs. With continued innovations, they set the gold standard for supporting dogs’ digestive health from kibble.


Sensitive stomach dog foods can help pups with tummy troubles feel better quickly. Hill’s Science Diet, Freshpet Vital Benefits, Purina Pro Plan, and Royal Canin options were highlighted for addressing digestion issues through gentle, balanced recipes and veterinary expertise. 

However, individual dog needs also factor in; consulting one’s vet helps choose the right sensitive stomach food after considering each dog’s specific symptoms, size, age, and tastes. Continued care aims to nourish healthy guts and vibrant lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What ingredients should I avoid?

Wheat, corn, soy, and artificial colors/flavors are common irritants. Also, avoid foods listing meat/animal by-products high on the label as quality decreases.

  1. How long until I see results?

Most dogs show signs of relief within a week but allow 4-6 weeks for their gut to adjust to a novel diet fully. Be patient during the transition and consult your vet for persistent issues.

  1. Can I mix new and old food?

Gradual introduction is best to avoid an upset stomach. Mix a ratio of 25% new to 75% old for 3-4 days, then 50-50 for 3-4 days, then 75-25 until all new food to ease your pup comfortably.

  1. What if they refuse the new food?

Try warming or mixing in a small amount of canned food to make it more enticing. Stay consistent, and don’t give in to begging. Don’t force-feed. They withdraw old food completely so they can eat or go hungry overnight. Patience and consistency will work.

  1. Are limited-ingredient foods best?

Not always. Many dogs do fine on multi-source protein foods, too, if the quality is high. Discuss your dog’s history/symptoms with your vet to choose the most suitable formulation and monitor their tolerance over time.

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