Best Cat Food for Egyptian Mau Cats

Egyptian Mau cats are beautiful, active, intelligent, and need proper nutrition. The right cat food for Egyptian mau cats helps them stay happy and healthy. In this article, I will discuss the best cat food for Egyptian Mau cats

I will talk about wet vs dry food, protein sources, nutrients needed and suitable brands. By the end, you will understand what cat food is best for your Egyptian Mau companion. Choosing the right food ensures they have the energy for their playful nature while staying solid and disease-free for many years.

Dry vs Wet food

Dry and wet cat foods both have advantages, and it is up to the owner to choose what suits their cat best. Dry food helps clean the cat’s teeth as they must chew it more. It is also cheaper to feed and store in large bags. 

However, it does not provide enough moisture, which some cats may not like. Wet food contains high moisture that satisfies a cat’s instincts and hydrates them better. It tends to be more nutritionally complete. While convenient, open cans have the risk of spoilage. Many owners feed a mix of wet and dry as a good compromise.

Best Cat Food for Egyptian Mau Cats

Protein source Food for Egyptian Mau Cats

The main protein in Best Cat Food for Egyptian Mau Cats must be easy to digest and match a cat’s natural diet. Chicken, turkey and fish are common high-quality animal proteins. Chicken is found in many affordable Best Cat Food for Egyptian Mau Cats and is a good source of amino acids. Fish proteins like salmon offer omega fatty acids that support a healthy coat. 

Red meats provide essential minerals but are more challenging to digest for some cats. Novel proteins like duck, venison or lamb are gaining popularity for texture variety. Plant proteins like peas or lentils alone do not provide complete nutrition, so they are usually combined with meat.

Nutrients required for Egyptian Mau Cats

Egyptian Mau cats need a balanced diet to thrive. Protein provides building blocks for muscles and organs. Fats supply energy and support skin and coat health. Carbohydrates are not their primary fuel source, unlike humans. 

Fibers from whole grains aid digestion. Minerals like calcium strengthen bones, while antioxidants protect cells from damage. Vitamins A, D, E, C, B6, B12 are crucial. Taurine is essential for heart and retina function. Look for foods with precise guarantees of complete nutrients matching your cat’s requirements at different life stages.

Best Cat Food for Egyptian Mau Cats

How to Deal with Fussiness

Some cats can be fussy about their food bowl staying perfectly complete. An empty bowl, a different texture or taste may turn their nose up. Avoid changing foods frequently, as this can worsen habits. Supplement meals by offering other approved snacks your vet suggests, like green beans, plain boiled chicken or shrimp. 

Playing with your cat before feeding helps stimulate appetite. If health issues are ruled out, stubborn, fussy cats may gradually accept food when it is consistently available. Some fussiness is natural for the breed, so do not stress over it if your weight and energy levels are normal. Consult your vet for advice in extreme cases of reduced eating or weight loss.

Best Cat Food Brands for Egyptian Mau Cats

Best Cat Food for Egyptian Mau Cats

Egyptian Mau cats need nutritious food to keep their bodies and minds healthy and active. Choosing the right cat food for the Egyptian Mau Cats brand is important to give them a balanced diet. Below, we will look at some top brands that cater to their needs:

Wellness CORE Natural Grain-Free Chicken, Turkey & Chicken Liver Pate

Wellness CORE uses simple, limited ingredients in their pate. It contains chicken, turkey and chicken liver which are gentle proteins cats naturally eat. Added vitamins and minerals provide complete nutrition. The pate texture is similar to raw meat so cats feel they are hunting their food. It comes in easy-open cups, avoiding spilt messes. No grains, legumes or artificial colours are added. This fulfils your Mau’s natural appetite. The pate also moisturizes their skin and coat to keep it shiny. It keeps energy levels up for fun play sessions.

Open Farm Wild-Caught Salmon Rustic Blend Wet Cat Food

Open Farm uses wild salmon as the top ingredient in their rustic blend food. Salmon is a wholesome white meat fish that gives Omega fatty acids for a soft, glossy coat. Other vegetables add fibre, vitamins and taste interest, like pumpkin, spinach and tomato. 

Cats love the variation in textures from flaked salmon combined with rustic chunks of pumpkin and carrot. The preservative-free recipe stays fresher than some wet foods. Your cat approves of the honest, single-source proteins satisfying their diet needs. This tasty wet food meets their nutritional requirements and maintains their intrinsic enthusiasm.

Fancy Feast Fish & Shrimp Feast Flaked Canned Food

Fancy Feast Flaked Cuisine is a convenient, balanced meal many cats find hard to resist. The decadent blend of flaked fish and shrimp uses two nourishing sea proteins. Nutrient-dense salmon oil provides extra omega-3s for skin and coat wellbeing. 

Your Mau will appreciate its smooth seafood flavors although artificial colors and preservatives are added. Each easy-open can have a complete daily serving. It saves time compared to homemade meals for busy households. This familiar brand reliably fulfils their protein needs without fuss, so they can receive pats after mealtime!

Dr Elsey’s Clean Protein Chicken Formula Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

Dr Elsey’s Clean Protein uses simple, limited ingredients cats commonly eat in their grain-free dry recipe. High-quality chicken provides essential amino acids for muscle and organ function. Fish oil and flaxseed add skin and coat-nourishing omegas. 

No fillers like corn, wheat or soy are included, which some cats are sensitive to digesting. Gluten-free and with balanced vitamins, it helps support their lean physique. The kibble develops your Mau’s chewing skills, too. Its nutritional composition nourishes without artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, restoring their natural diet habits. This may be suitable for fussy eaters, too!

Nature’s Variety Instinct Ultimate Protein Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

Nature’s Variety Instinct uses real meat as the #1 ingredient, unlike some grainful brands. Its Ultimate Protein recipe contains chicken, turkey, eggs and fish as principal protein sources, vitamins and minerals for energy and growth. Carefully selected vegetables, fruits and botanicals add nutrients. 

No fillers, by-products or artificial flavours are included. Your Egyptian Mau will appreciate how it closely matches their natural carnivore diet. The kibble is also smaller than average dry foods, making it comfortable for their small jaws to chew for dental cleaning. This ultra-premium formula promotes lifelong health and supports playful spirits.

Over to You

Quality nourishment needn’t break the bank. Store brands provide value with comparable nutrients. Supplement quality kibble with affordable canned fish or meat for treats or mixes. 

Homemade add-ins like bone broth or vegetables boost meals economically. Senior or special health diet variations exist at lower retail prices. Check offers and buy in bulk when possible. Sign up for brand loyalty programs, receiving occasional discounts or free food. With some research, nutritious cat dining remains cost-efficient.


1. What type of cat food is best for Egyptian Mau cats?
As a semi-wild breed, Egyptian Maus retain hunting instincts and have higher protein needs than typical house cats. Dry kibble labelled for “active cats” or “adult cats” and containing meat like chicken, fish or lamb as the first 3-5 ingredients is most suitable. The protein content should be between 26-32%.

2. Is wet food or dry kibble better?
Both wet and dry foods can be part of a balanced Egyptian Mau diet. However, dry kibble is more convenient and helps control tartar build-up. Crunchy kibble also satisfies their natural urge to chew. Wet food can be fed occasionally as a supplement for moisture and variety.

3. What size kibble is best for an Egyptian Mau?
Given their smaller and more delicate mouth structure than domestic cats, Egyptian Maus are better off eating kibble formulated for ‘small and delicate’ cats or kittens. Smaller bite-sized kibbles between 2-4mm make it easier for them to chew and ingest their food.

4. What to avoid in food for Egyptian Mau? 

Low-quality fillers, dyes and preservatives can compromise their digestive health and sensitivity. It’s best to choose reputable brands that prioritize minimal ingredients. Also, limit snacks high in fat, sugars or salt, which could contribute to weight issues and malnutrition.

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