Best cat food for overweight indoor cats

Well hello! you’re welcome to our blog where we’re going to guide you and put you through ideas about your adorable little cats. With research we found out that overfeeding those little furs affects their health, it causes obesity and eventually leads to high blood sugar. Here we’ll dive right into every feature, the Best cat food for overweight indoor cats and how to maintain their diets to keep them happy and healthy.

Reasons Why Indoor Cats Get Overweight

It’s so convenient for cats to gain so much weight. Especially cats that are always situated indoors. And they get to gain extra pounds or more, which is dangerous for their health. It causes infections, diabetes and arthritis.

And the reason why they gain weight is because they eat more calories than they burn off. which is mostly common among house cats. After all, they’re not stimulated properly.

Identifying the Signs Of An Overweight Indoor Cat

Best cat food for overweight indoor cats

Are you wondering ways you can tell if those little felines are getting overweight? It’s not so difficult to get through them and here is a quick guide to help disclose those symptoms.

Common Symptoms of Overweight Indoor Cats

  • Overfeeding: giving your cats food more than they’re meant to eat is unhealthy. And for cats that are always indoors and don’t engage in exercise, always place them on food schedules.
  • Arthritis: it is very painful on pets.mostly overweight cats it causes inflammation of joints making them unable to move around the house.
  • Pharmaceuticals Drugs: always contact your vet before getting drugs for your cats, mostly because they might be allergic to the drugs you get, reach out to your vets for confirmation before using them.

Regular Symptoms On Overweight Cats

Best cat food for overweight indoor cats

As pet parents there are symptoms you should notice about your cat’s overweight system, here are tips to make you understand more about these symptoms.

  • Heavy Raspy Breathing: Cats that are overweight tend to find moving around and attaining little tasks and vigorous actions because it’s hard to move around with an obese body. they tire easily and they find it so difficult to breathe.
  • Grooming issues: Being overweight makes it difficult for cats to groom properly, which ends up causing urinary infections.
  • Inability To Jump: cats that are overweight find it hard to climb or jump around like they used to, you find them in vulnerable positions. This happens due to joint pains.
  • Urinary Tract  Issues: this disorder causes infection and blockage.in terms of grooming each other, urinary tract issues are very uncomfortable for overweight cats.
  • Skin or coat issues: skin issues like barbering, or loss of hair lead to bald patches on overweight cats and should be treated immediately.

Advantages To Early Discovering To Overweight Indoor Cats

  • Stop-gap: getting grabs of these symptoms early on means rapid alleviation, you put an end to them faster.
  • Prevent unpleasant outcomes: early discovery puts an end to massive situations, and it saves you the stress of not knowing what to do.
  • Tranquillity: knowing what’s going on with your feline,health-wise, puts you in a stress-free state of mind.saves you more trouble.

Diet For Overweight Indoor Cats

Are you scared or rather worried to put your obese/overweight cats on diet? Don’t worry we’ll delve into tips on ways to help lose your cat weight.but we get to know that cat dieting isn’t as simple as restricting food,and a swift weight loss can be very risky. Feline furry weight should be an agreement between you and your Veterinarians.

Enhancement For Diet On Overweight Indoor Cat

  • Low fat/high Fibre: overweight cats don’t need much fat, and the fiber helps to satisfy and increase in size.it helps them consume more and feel stuffed.
  • Low carbohydrate/high protein:low intake of sugar and more protein. Help in a quick recovery, they’re obese already and don’t need more complications for high sugar levels.
  • Exercise:put them through exercise, play around with them ,go on walks. Move their food bowl to a different location in the house.

Best cat food for overweight indoor cats

The reason your cat is overweight is none other than their diet.the kind of food you choose to feed your feline causes a massive impact to their health,and here are tips to give you ideas on the kind of food you should feed them and their brands.Balance diet sometimes doesn’t have to expensive, it’s the nutrients that matters a lot.

  • Hill prescription diet metabolic weight: for weight management Hill is one of the best options ,mostly recommended by Veterinary healthcare nutritionist. which contains crude fibre,and low calories. It’s ideal for weight loss at a safe rate.
  • Purina pro plan focus weight management dry food:is highly proteinous , which is important for cats muscles during weight loss process. And it’s used with Probiotics,to protect their immune and digestive system.
  • Merrick purrfect bistro:this is another brand that’s the best for weight control ,filled with meat protein sources good for overweight felines.
  • Blackwood lean/senior cat food: this brand for weight is another top pick that contains the key ingredients to help cat feel full and burn fat.

Do’s and Dont’s for Overweight Indoor Cat

To avoid obesity and other health contractions for your feline furry.we have just the right tips to gear you up to keep them healthy and happy.


  • Always pay attention to them:be vigilant they’re trusting you to look after them, mostly health wise because they’re sensitive.
  • Follow a feeding schedule:get a feeding schedule from your vets, so you don’t overfeed them.so it doesn’t ruin their system.
  • Introduce Diet to them slowly:don’t  come up with a new diet on them drastically , go slowly , start small.This way they can handle it without contractions.


  •  overlook Your Veterinarian Visit: they’re always around to lead you to the right directions, regular check ups are really helpful.
  • Neglect symptoms: as soon as you notice them always lying around in a vulnerable state, don’t hop around like they used to, don’t not ignore them.they need medical attention.

understand that these are little Do’s and Don’ts that you can apply to for the safety of your little feline furry.

Best Food Combinations and Right Ingredients for Indoor Cats

If your cat needs help in losing weight here are some tips for the best food combination.

  • Probiotics for healthy guts: Probiotics are friendly for these overweight feline.it helps boost their immune system and digestive health.especially if your cat  has a sensitive tummy.
  • Omega-6 and 3 fatty acids: it helps reduce hairballs and fibre for healthy skin.which is like cleansing your cat inside out.
  • Protein and crass: normal amount of carbohydrates and nutrition is an important combination in cats food it doesn’t have to be excess.


In conclusion, with all these tips we have gone through. looking out for every overweight feline doesn’t have to be hard!

Always remember this adorable furry is trusting us to save,and keep them safe.

Go on, try out every tip that we went through.and don’t forget your Vet is always close by to put you through and guide.stay tune to numerous pet health care advice.


  • Can Cats Lose Weight?: Yes, with the right combination of diet and supplements they can lose weight, and check up with your vet before putting your cat on a weight loss diet.
  • How much to feed an obese cat?: restricting your cat from food is very risky and not advisable. You have to get a feeding plan to feed an obese cat. and right here on our blog, you have the tips to lead you.
  • How fast can a cat lose weight?:

With the help of recommended diet, and food an overweight cat can lose weight in 3 weeks.

  • Does weight control cat food work?: Yes the work if they prescribe for your cat, and you have to take them consistently
  • How to exercise your cat to lose weight?

Take them for walks, play around with them for 20-30 minutes. Spread their treats around so they go around picking it

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