Best dog food for Labradors: 2024 Best Picks

Labradors are one of the most popular breeds of pet dogs and are very fond of love and affection. These are big bulky dogs  who are known for their lovely and cherishing nature. Since these are very expensive and delicate breeds of dogs it is very important to take good care of them in terms of food, diet and proper nutrition. So, In this article we will provide information about Best Dog food for Labradors.

But before moving on to the brands that are considered to be the best seller for the dog food for labradors, you should be aware about their nutritional needs as well. Labradors should get enough protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins to keep their diet balanced and full of nutritions. Apart from nutrition, labs should also be given adequate amounts of water that is required by their body so that they can feel happy, healthy and energetic throughout the day.

Best dog food for Labrador puppies:

Ageing is a natural phenomenon. It is a part of growing. Just like every other living creature on this earth, dogs also go through every age group. A small labrador puppy cannot have the same amount, quality and type of food that an adult Labrador will have. Therefore it is very important to take care of their food and nutritional requirements. Here are some of the best dog food brands that you can give to your Labrador puppies.

Royal Canin: This dog food brand has made specially designed dry dog food for labradors and retrievers which is one of the highly recommended dog foods for these breeds. The best part about this dog food is, it comes in packets mentioning different age groups which helps the dog owners to identify the best one for their puppies and dogs. This dog food is highly rich in proteins and fats, making it a perfect meal for your pups to enjoy with the goodness of nutrients and fiber.

Canine Creek: This non veg dry puppy food is made in such a way that it can be happily consumed by dogs of all the breeds. This dog food is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals and also contains certain antioxidants that are important for the proper growth of small puppies. This is a completely grain free recipe that makes it easier for the dogs to eat it and it also accelerates digestion.

Taste Of The Wild: This dry puppy food is made up of high quality meat, fish and other non-veg sources of protein and it is enriched with all the nutrients that the body of your baby labradors would require to grow and work efficiently. It is a completely egg free recipe and contains real salmon to ensure that your pups get enough healthy proteins, fatty acids and vitamins. This is one of the best choices of dog foods for your labradors as it keeps them healthy, active and energetic throughout the entire day.

Pedigree Pro: This is one of the best sellers of dog food in the market and most of the pet owners rely on this brand for their dog’s food. They not only provide nutritious food to dogs but also never fails to serve an exceptional flavour that dogs love to eat. This dry dog food is especially customized for puppies of large breed like labradors and retrievers as they have their unique requirements of nutrition, taste and flavour. It contains high amounts of proteins in the form of chicken that are very essential for the proper development of the bones and it also contains other nutrients which facilitate the overall development of the body.

Drools: One of the most popular brands in the dog food market, Drools not only provides dog foods which are highly nutritious but it also makes sure that your puppy has only rich and authentic food consisting of real chicken. It is highly rich in proteins and other vitamins that leads to proper development of your lab’s body and creates strong bones and muscles to keep it playful and active throughout the day. This brand claims to check all the raw materials that are used in the processing of its products to make sure that your dog gets only high quality foods including real chicken and eggs.

Some of the best dog food brands for Labrador Dogs:

Dogs at different age groups have their different requirements of food and dietary nutritions. A small puppy cannot have the same quantity and quality of food that a large adult dog would have. Therefore it is very important for a pet owner to understand what quality and quantity of dog food would be the best for their dogs. Here are some of the dog food brands which are best suited for your large Labrador dogs.

Farmina Vetlife: The most important thing that an adult labrador requires is muscular strength and powerful bones. This dry dog food is specially manufactured in such a way that promotes good joint health of your adult labradors to ensure that they stay playful and active. It is enriched in high protein and other nutrients that promote the overall development of your dog’s body.

Himalaya: This famous Indian brand deals in beauty, skincare, food products and even dog food items. The best part about this dog food brand is that it creates food products which are best suited for all the breeds of dogs including small, large and medium size breeds. It has the perfect amount of nutrition for  your adult labrador dog consisting of high quality proteins, vitamins and minerals which keeps it strong and energetic and also promotes metabolism.

SmartHeart: This dry dog food is made up of chicken and liver that makes it highly rich in protein and vitamins that accelerates the better development of its overall body. It contains fish oil and fatty acids  that promote the help of its brain and nervous system and it also develops a strong and healthy heart.

Purina Pro Plan: This dog food formula originated in the USA and is recommended by hundreds of vets throughout the world. It is manufactured in such a way that it can be consumed by dogs of any breed but it is best suited for large breed dogs including labradors. It provides the best amount of nutrition to your adult dogs and also this brand never compromises with its flavour. Made with real chicken and poultry it turns out to be the best source of protein for your adult and senior labradors.

Arden Grange: This dry dog food is one of the best options to feed your labrador dogs a good source of nutrition and taste at the same time. It contains rich and authentic chicken and real meat to ensure that your adult labrador dog gets proper proteins and nutrients to develop a happy and healthy skin and body. It contains large size dry chunks that can be easily munched by your pets making it easier to eat and digest.

Best dog food for labradors with sensitive stomach:

Dog Food BrandFeaturesBenefits
Royal CaninSpecially formulated for digestive healthSupports optimal digestion and nutrient absorption, reduces digestive upset
Hill’s Science DietEasily digestible ingredients, balanced nutritionGentle on sensitive stomachs, promotes healthy digestion and nutrient absorption
Blue Buffalo BasicsLimited ingredient formula, grain-freeMinimizes potential allergens, supports digestive health, contains essential nutrients
Purina Pro PlanFormulated with easily digestible ingredientsPromotes healthy digestion, supports sensitive stomachs, provides balanced nutrition
Wellness SimpleLimited ingredient recipe, grain-free, easily digestibleReduces digestive upset, supports overall digestive health, provides essential nutrients

These dog foods are designed to be gentle on sensitive stomachs, featuring easily digestible ingredients and limited potential allergens. They can help alleviate digestive upset and promote overall digestive health in Labradors with sensitive stomachs. Always consult with your veterinarian to determine the best diet for your dog’s specific needs.

Labrador food chart:

Age (Months)Daily Feeding Amount (Cups)Number of Meals per Day
21.5 – 23
32 – 2.53
42.5 – 33
53 – 3.52
63.5 – 42
74 – 4.52
84.5 – 52
95 – 5.52
105.5 – 62
116 – 6.52
126.5 – 72

Please note that these are approximate feeding amounts and may vary based on your Labrador’s individual needs, activity level, and health status. Always consult with your veterinarian for personalized feeding recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which dog food is best for a labrador puppy?

Can I give chicken products to a 2 months old labrador?

Can I give chicken products to a 2 months old labrador?

Yes. A two month old labrador can have chicken at least 3-4 times a week.

What type of food is best for senior labradors?

A senior labrador should have food which is highly rich in proteins to improve its muscular strength and bone power.

What are some of the best dog food brands for adult labs?

Best dog food brands for an adult labrador include farmina vetlife, purina pro plan, pedigree and royal canin.

Which food articles should not be given to labradors?

Labradors should avoid eating sugar, high salt, spices and chocolates.

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