Best and Safest Chew Toys For Dogs in 2024

Choosing the best and safest chew toys for dogs is important for their health and safety. While it may be tempting to give your pup anything to chew on, some toys pose risks that can be dangerous. This article looks at what you should know to select safest chew toys for large dogs and provide mental stimulation for dogs. It discusses the pros and cons of different types of chews and provides recommendations on the safest options.

What You Should Know about Chew Toys For Dogs

Safest Chew Toys For Dogs

When looking for the safest chew toys for large dogs, there are some key things to consider. Chews should be tough, so they don’t break into pieces, which could cause choking or digestion issues. Ensure chews are large enough that any pieces won’t be a swallowing hazard. Check that the material is not too hard to wear down teeth but is long-lasting for chewing. Look for chews made of all-natural ingredients and no scents or flavors that could attract unwanted chewing or lead to tummy troubles.

3 Steps to Choose Safe Dog Chews

The process of finding secure dog chews is simple when you follow these steps:

  • First, consider your pup’s size, chewing habits, and what type of chew interests them most, like squeaky, hard, or soft. This helps narrow choices. 
  • Second, read labels carefully to ensure chews are all-natural for dogs and appropriate for your dog’s age and health conditions. 
  • Lastly, supervise chew time first to ensure chews are not too big to swallow and your dog chews safely without gulping pieces. Remove chews if they start to break into small bits.

Pros of Different Dog Chews

  • Natural ingredients: Many chews like bully sticks, ropes, and rawhide are made with only natural ingredients like beef or vegetable extracts. This means your pup gets real meat and other good-for-them foods as they chew.
  • Mental stimulation: Chewing is an important natural behavior for dogs. Chews give pups something to sink their teeth into, keeping them busy and entertained. This is good for their happiness.
  • Clean teeth: Tough chews help scrape plaque off teeth as dogs work at them. Over time, chewing can help keep a pup’s teeth clean, which is important for good dental health.
  • Various textures: Different chews offer changing feels and experiences for mouths that get bored easily. Ropes are soft, while the rawhide is harder. This makes for more fun chewing time.
  • Long-lasting: Bulky chews last a good amount of time before finishing. This means less money is spent on toys that might get chewed up fast. Pups stay occupied, and owners’ wallets stay happy, too.

Cons of Different Dog Chews

  • Wear down teeth: Very hard chews might grind down tooth enamel over time if chewed a lot. This can hurt pups’ teeth and gums.
  • Upset stomachs: Rich chews like bully sticks or animal bones could cause an upset tummy if too much is eaten at once. Pups tummies are not used to it.
  • Choking hazard: Any chew toy that squishes easily, breaks into chunks, or has little pieces that come off could cause choking if swallowed.

Safest Chew Toy Brands For Dogs

Safest Chew Toys For Dogs

Dogs have an instinct to chew and gnaw. Providing them with the safest chew toys for large dogs is important to redirect this energy positively. This prevents them from chewing inappropriate items that can be harmful. Below, we have discussed some of the safest and best dog chew toy brands.

Qwizl treat toy

The Qwizl treat toy is a great option for the safest chew toys for dogs. It has a unique design where treats or kibble are inserted inside. As dogs chew and roll it around, the food item emerges gradually. 

This engages them for a long time in chewing activity. The toy is made of durable rubber, which dogs cannot tear or break easily. The holes are also not big enough for toy parts to break off and cause choking. Overall, it keeps dogs occupied in a fun yet safe manner.

Whimzees Natural Dog Dental Treat

The Whimzees Natural Dog Dental Treat is one of the best chew toys for large and small dogs. These chew sticks are made from all-natural ingredients like wheat and corn. They help clean teeth and freshen the dog’s breath as the dog chews. The sticks are digestible yet durable enough to last long. 

The material is from plant sources, so it is safer than rawhide or other chew items. There is very little chance of it causing choking. At the same time, it satisfies a dog’s natural urge to chew on things.

C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews for Medium Dogs 

C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews for Medium Dogs are one of the safest chew toys for dogs. These dental chews contain enzymes that help clean teeth and freshen breath as dogs chew on them. The chews are digestible but firm enough for adequate chewing exercise. 

They last long enough to keep dogs engaged. The ingredients are natural and safe. Being enzymatic, oral care chews also support the dog’s oral health. Unlike raw hides or bones, they present very little choking risk. Overall, they are an excellent dental chew option for medium-sized pooches.

Barkworthies Odor-Free 12″ Bully Sticks (5-pack) 

Bully sticks, or pizzles, are a very popular chew item among dog owners. However, choosing the right brand is important for safety. Barkworthies Odor-Free 12″ Bully Sticks are high-quality grass-fed beef. They are nitrite-free. They contain no additives, colors, or preservatives – making them a safer option. 

The sticks are thick enough at 12″ in size. Hence, they last longer without breaking into small pieces. Plus, they effectively control odors compared to others. For bully stick lovers, this is one of the safest chew toys for dogs to consider.

West Paw ZogoFlex Bumi

West Paw ZogoFlex Bumi is one of the safest chew toys for large and small dogs. It is pliable and flexible yet durable. This reduces breakage risk. The rubber material is also tough to tear or puncture but safe if pieces break off. The toy has an erratic bounce, fostering toy-prey drive in dogs and keeping them engaged longer. Its unpredictable movement adds to the fun. The material is tough against biting and chewing, so it lasts long. Overall, the toy offers mental stimulation in a safe, flexible form.

Tuffy 3-Way Dog Tug Toy

Tuffy 3 Way Dog Tug Toy is one of the most versatile and multipurpose safest chew toys for dogs. It can be used as a tug, fetch, or chew toy. The braided material is durable against chewing and biting but unlikely to break into pieces even if chewed vigorously. Its reinforced seams ensure longevity. The toy comes in various shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing dogs to choose the best preference. 

Best of all, the toy satisfies natural chewing instincts and exercise needs through games of tug and fetch. This makes it a perfect all-rounded toy for oral, physical, and mental stimulation.

Wrap Up

Selecting safe chews is an important part of keeping dogs healthy and entertained. While many chews are good options, rubber or compressed rawhide toys hold up best without risks of choking on small pieces. Supervision and checking toys for wear and tear is also advised. With the right chew choices, you can feel good that your pup has enriching things to chew on while avoiding health issues. With these guidelines, you can make playtime pleasant and secure.


1. What are the best chew toys for dogs? 

Rubber or nylon chew toys for dogs are best as they are durable but won’t break into pieces if swallowed.

2. What type of chew toys should be avoided? 

Avoid chew toys for dogs resembling real socks, as dogs can get confused. Bones should also be avoided or given only under supervision.

3. How can choking be prevented? 

Choose toys with no small removable pieces. Replace them if pieces break off. Supervise until you know your dog won’t tear pieces from toys.

4. When should rope toys not be given? 

Don’t give rope toys to dogs unsupervised, as the material can get tangled in their intestines if swallowed.

5. How long do chew toys last? 

The durability of chew toys for dogs depends on how vigorously your dog chews. Replace toys if they become small enough to swallow or start falling apart.

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