Best Cat Food for Cats That Throw Up in 2024

Cats often throw up for different reasons. It can be because of eating the wrong cat food or some underlying medical condition. When your cat keeps throwing up, it is important to take them to the vet to rule out any serious issues. At the same time, you should also look at the cat food you are feeding them. 

This article will look at some of the best cat food for cats that throw up regularly. We will discuss the ingredients, texture, and other factors that make these foods easy to digest for cats with sensitive stomachs. Choosing the right cat food can help reduce vomiting in cats. Let’s explore some highly recommended cat foods to help keep your furry friend feeling their best.

Highly Recommended Best Cat Food for Cats That Throw Up 

Best Cat Food for Cats That Throw Up

Foods with High-Quality Protein 

Cat foods containing high-quality protein sources like fish, turkey or chicken are easier for cats to digest than foods with low-grade meat or plant-based proteins. Look for cat foods where protein is the first ingredient and comes from a single, named source your cat is unlikely to be allergic to. Limited ingredient diets containing just one or two protein sources and no fillers or artificial colours/preservatives are also gentle on sensitive stomachs. Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin dry cat food is an example.

Grain-Free Formulas

Some cats are sensitive to grains like corn, wheat, and soy, which are used as fillers in many cat foods. Opt for grain-free cat foods that use carbohydrates from potatoes, tapioca or peas instead. These gentler carb sources are less likely to cause digestive upset. Look for grain-free options from brands like Purina Pro Plan Savour, Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein or Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Digest Sensitivity Control. Cats with grain allergies or intestinal issues often do better on grain-free diets that eliminate a common food sensitivity trigger.

Foods with Probiotics 

The live microbial cultures in probiotic cat foods support a balanced gut environment and healthy digestion. Probiotics like lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium animalis aid nutrient absorption and crowd out bad bacteria. 

Look for probiotic cat foods from brands like Hill’s Science Diet Adult Perfect Weight with Probiotics, Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Gastro Intestinal Modulation or Purina Pro Plan Focus Adult with Probiotics. For cats prone to vomiting, probiotics are a gentle way to promote regularity and reduce the risk of digestive upset.

Soft, Moist Food Textures 

While dry kibble is convenient, soft and moist foods are often easier for sensitive stomachs to handle. Canned, pate or wet/dry mixes have a softer texture that doesn’t require much chewing. They pass through the digestive system more smoothly. Cats that vomit dry food may do better with soft, moist textures like Purina ONE Beyond Natural Variety Packs, Wellness CORE Grain-Free Canned or Iams Proactive Health Adult Wet Food. Moist food can also help rule out dental issues as a cause of vomiting.

Soothe Sensitive Stomachs Food

Formulas include prebiotics, slippery elm and marshmallow root coating the stomach lining. Probiotics replenish beneficial flora, improving gut health, which is vulnerable when unwell. Limited novel proteins prevent food intolerances from worsening queasiness. Boil chicken, removing fat from irritating digestive systems. Try hypoallergenic options if reactions trigger throwing up or seeking root issues. Identifying triggers guides soothing specific sensitivities holistically.

Small, Frequent Feeds

Instead of one large serving aggravating upset stomachs, spread portions across the day. Small amounts digest manageably, keeping nutrients absorbed. Frequent eating maintains steady blood sugar, preventing vomiting from lows. Divide kibble into containers, portioning each room’s bowls, filling mouths easily licked, preventing overexertion. Respond to appetites requiring potential mealtime tweaks tailored closely.

Hydration is Key

Dehydration contributes to many throwing-up cases. Even when full, coax cats to sip water between meals to keep plumpness. Feline-friendly fountains encourage drinking, especially during weather-affecting intake. Bone broths add hydration alongside minerals supporting immune function when unwell. Consider injectable fluids if severely vomiting under veterinary guidance. Attentiveness improves welfare through all conditions.

Lightly Cooked Meals

Raw meat carries risks when illness compromises immunity, yet cats naturally eat whole, lightly cooked nourishment. Simmer meats in broths digesting smoothly while maintaining nutrient integrity. Shred chicken, turkey, or salmon are easily licked when energy wanes without thick sauces taxing stomachs. Protein supports recovery, minimising further weight loss when unwell.

Gentle Herbs for Tummies

Chamomile, ginger, and mint aid digestion comfortably and naturally without medications’ potential side effects. Consult a vet regarding individualised amounts when medications must factor holistically for the highest wellness. Together, wisdom guides prudent adjustments and efficiently heals through challenges unburdened.

How to do Transitioning After Setbacks

Reintroduce full diets gradually while monitoring tolerance. Adding a sprinkle to each portion, slowly increasing weekly, prevents further upheaval, risking health steps backwards. Consistency supports restored stability, especially post-illness. Patience Through delicate phasing nurtures the whole recovery smoothly with ongoing vigilance.

How to Monitor for Improvements

Note energy levels, coat quality, appetite and bathroom habits signalling progress—address changes immediately by consulting vets. Together, tailored adjustment said overcoming while preventing symptom recurrence successfully. Understanding better nourishes resilience through life shared between devoted companions.

Calming Supplements for Cats That Throw Up 

L-theanine supplements calm without drowsiness during stress-worsening triggers. Quality proteins mitigate inflammation, while aloe vera and slippery elm soothe sensitive linings. Consult a vet regarding amounts that suit individual diagnoses to judiciously apply supportive, non-habit-forming relief. Wellness encompasses mind and gut health, which are maintained through care.

Best wet cat food for older cats that vomit

Best wet cat food for older cats that vomit
BrandProduct NameDescription
Royal CaninAging 12+ Thin Slices in Gravy Wet Cat FoodFormulated with easy-to-digest ingredients and designed to support kidney health in older cats prone to vomiting.
Hill’s Science DietAdult 7+ Savory Chicken Entree Minced Wet Cat FoodContains gentle ingredients suitable for senior cats with sensitive stomachs, aiding digestion and reducing vomiting.
Purina Pro PlanPrime Plus Adult 7+ Chicken & Liver Entree Classic Wet Cat FoodProvides essential nutrients and supports digestive health in older cats, helping to reduce vomiting episodes.
WellnessComplete Health Senior Chicken & Chicken Liver Formula Wet Cat FoodFeatures easily digestible proteins and balanced nutrition, ideal for older cats experiencing digestive issues.
Blue BuffaloWilderness Mature Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Wet Cat FoodGrain-free formula with high-quality protein sources and limited ingredients, suitable for older cats prone to vomiting.

Best dry cat food for cats that vomit excessively

BrandProduct NameDescription
Hill’s Science DietSensitive Stomach & Skin Dry Cat FoodFormulated with easily digestible ingredients and prebiotic fiber to support digestive health and reduce vomiting.
Royal CaninDigestive Care Dry Cat FoodFeatures highly digestible proteins and a blend of fibers to promote optimal digestion and reduce vomiting episodes.
Purina Pro PlanFocus Sensitive Skin & Stomach Adult Dry Cat FoodContains easily digestible ingredients and prebiotic fiber to support digestive health and reduce vomiting.
WellnessComplete Health Grain-Free Adult Dry Cat FoodGrain-free formula with limited ingredients and easily digestible proteins, suitable for cats with sensitive stomachs.
Blue BuffaloSensitive Stomach Chicken Recipe Adult Dry Cat FoodMade with high-quality proteins and easily digestible carbohydrates to support digestive health and reduce vomiting.


When choosing the Best Cat Food for Cats That Throw Up, it’s important to consider factors like protein source and quality, grain content, additives like probiotics, and food texture. High-quality proteins from single sources, grain-free carbohydrates, live bacterial cultures, and softer textures are gentle on digestion for cats prone to vomiting. 

Remember that an underlying health issue may also trigger your cat’s vomiting, so see your vet for tests if needed. When switching foods for a sick cat, consulting your vet’s advice on the best food transition strategy is also wise. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1)What can I give my cat to stop vomiting?

In certain situations, your veterinarian may recommend drugs like metronidazole (brand name Flagyl®), famotidine (brand name Pepcid®), or maropitant citrate (brand name Cerenia®) to reduce vomiting or inflammation. This method can resolve the issue by the body’s healing processes.

2)What do you feed a cat that vomits after eating?

When your cat throws up suddenly, you may need to temporarily switch them to a bland human food like boiled chicken or meat-flavoured baby food (without onion or garlic powder added) or an easily digested diet like Hill’s ID or Royal Canin Gastrointestinal High Energy.

3)Do cats throw up less with wet food?

Certain cats have reduced vomiting after eating canned food, which may indicate a possible cause. Since cats must eat carnivorous foods, I particularly enjoy grain-free diets. Most cats are accustomed to digesting grains, such as corn, which can be a decent, low-cost energy source.

4)How do you settle a cat’s stomach after vomiting?

When your cat has an upset stomach, most veterinarians advise giving them a bland meal. This could be anything as simple as rice and cooked chicken or a tiny bit of pumpkin. While the bland food helps calm their digestive tract, the fibre in the pumpkin—or pumpkin-based snacks like Nummy Tum-Tum—can help make their faeces more substantial.

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