Best Dog Food For Border Collie Puppies in 2024

Border collie puppies need proper nutrition for their healthy growth and development. Choosing the best quality dog food is very important for puppies. These pups need nourishment to maintain their fast growth and limitless vitality, as they demand approximately 25% protein in their diet. This article discusses the key things to look for in dog food and reviews some of the Best Dog Food For Border Collie Puppies.

Choosing the Best Dog Food for Border Collie Puppies

When selecting the best dog food for Border Collies puppies, it’s essential to consider quality protein sources, omega-3 fatty acids and healthy fats, vital vitamins and minerals, and a few artificial additives and fillers. These essential nutrients will support your Border Collie puppy’s growth and development: 

High-quality protein sources 

When choosing the Best Dog Food For Border Collie Puppies, looking for high-biological value protein sources is important at the top of the ingredient list. Protein provides energy and aids muscle growth in developing puppies. For border collies, animal proteins like chicken, fish or lamb are preferred over plant-based proteins as they contain all the essential amino acids in balanced ratios for optimal growth. The food should contain at least 25% crude protein from real meat to meet the nutritional needs of growing border collie puppies.

Healthy fats and omega-3 fatty acids

A balanced omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids ratio is important for border collie puppies’ coat, skin and cognitive development. Foods containing fish oils provide essential omega-3s. Look for products with named fish sources like salmon or herring oil as the primary fat sources instead of generic meat by-products or corn oil. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids support brain function and healthy cell growth and function in puppies.

Essential vitamins and minerals

Best Dog Food For Border Collie Puppies ensures growing dogs receive adequate vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Calcium and phosphorus are important for strong bones and teeth. Look for foods fortified with vitamins A, D, E and B-complex to support the immune system. Furthermore, essential trace minerals like zinc, copper, manganese and selenium support thyroid function heart health and aid metabolism. The food label must list added vitamins and minerals instead of ambiguous terms like “nutritional supplement”.

Limited fillers and artificial additives

To avoid fillers in puppy food, carefully examine the ingredient list and avoid products with high-up grain by-products, corn, artificial colours, or preservatives. Low-quality fillers provide extra weight without much nutritional value for growing puppies. Always choose food with a limited number of recognisable whole food ingredients your puppy would eat in nature for easier digestion. Puppies have smaller stomachs, so unnecessary fillers can deprive them of nutrients or cause digestion issues.

The Best Dog Food for Border Collie Puppies

Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Natural Puppy Wet Dog Food

The Blue Buffalo brand uses real meat as the first ingredient, providing high-quality protein. Their wet puppy food comes in tiny meat chunks and gravy that are easy for little paws to eat and digest. It contains nutrients from fruits and vegetables to support the immune system. Puppies love the taste and get plenty of moisture from this food. The meaty variety satisfies their natural instinct to eat meat. This also helps keep them feeling full for a long time.

American Journey Puppy Food

American Journey puppy food is made from real chicken as the primary source of protein. It contains DHA, which is important for brain and eye development. This small dry kibble makes it easy for puppies to chew and swallow. The balanced formula supports energy levels, coats and skin quality. Whole grains like oats are added instead of fillers for carbohydrates. This budget-friendly brand provides the balanced nutrition needed by growing puppies without additives or preservatives.

Best Dog Food For Border Collie Puppies

Natural Balance Salmon & Brown Rice Formula Dry Puppy Food

This dry kibble from Natural Balance contains salmon as the first ingredient, as fish is rich in omega fatty acids. These are important for the brain and heart health of puppies. The brown rice is a whole grain that releases energy slowly, keeping puppies full for extended periods. It is formulated to support joint health and prevent issues during growth spurts. After switching to this balanced diet, puppies exhibit shiny coats and are more energetic. This brand tastes great, making it easy for picky eaters to transition to adult food later.

Best Dog Food For Border Collie Puppies

Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Food

Developed by veterinary nutritionists, Hill’s Science Diet puppy food provides a precisely balanced formula. It contains DHA and vitamins C & E as antioxidants crucial during development. The chicken and grains recipe comes in small bite-size kibbles for easy eating. This supports healthy skin and a strong immune system and helps build strong muscles. Puppies love the taste and texture, which encourages regular feeding. High-quality proteins like chicken provide amino acids needed for growth. This ensures large and giant breed puppies like Border Collies grow at the right pace.

Chicken Soup Large Breed Puppy Food

This brand focuses on large and giant breed puppies with extra care for their joints and bones. It contains glucosamine and chondroitin to support cartilage health, as puppies are prone to issues due to fast growth. The first four ingredients are chicken, chicken meal, oatmeal and brown rice, providing high-quality proteins and complex carbs for energy. Antioxidants like vitamins E and C and selenium are added. Puppies seem more energetic after switching to this diet, and it controls mess better than other foods. This food promotes healthy muscle and bone development naturally.

Best Dog Food For Border Collie Puppies

IAMS Smart Puppy Dry Dog Food with Real Chicken 

Providing balanced nutrition for growing intelligence in puppies, IAMS uses real chicken as the #1 ingredient. It is formulated with DHA and other nutrients important for cognitive functions. Whole grains like oats provide fibre for healthy digestion, and carbohydrates release energy steadily. 

Best Dog Food For Border Collie Puppies

Chelated minerals like iron are added for blood health. This dry kibble recipe comes in small bite-size kibbles that are easy to chew and swallow for little jaws. Combined with proper exercise, it supports healthy development and keeps puppies happy. The price is affordable too.

ACANA Grain-Free Dry Dog Food 

Being grain-free, this ACANA food uses regional ingredients like fresh fruits and vegetables to nourish puppies naturally. The meat sources include chicken, turkey and salmon, which provide high-quality proteins and fats. 

These are packed with nutrients needed during growth spurts. In addition to proteins and fats from the prey diet, it contains supplements like glucosamine. After switching to this diet, growing puppies exhibit strong bones, shiny coats, and high energy levels. It is also more digestible than other brands, with no corn, wheat or soy.

Best Dog Food For Border Collie Puppies

Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition Medium Puppy Food

Developed for puppies based on their breed sizes, the Royal Canin Medium Puppy variety is specially formulated for medium-breed dogs like Border Collies. It contains precise nutrients in balanced ratios tailored for healthy size development. 

Calcium supports bone mineralization, and glucosamine and chondroitin promote joint health during rapid growth. Puppies are energetic but do not grow too quickly with this diet. Their food is broken into small pieces for easy chewing and digesting. Regularly feeding this completely balanced wet food results in puppies maturing into healthy adult dogs.

Best Dog Food For Border Collie Puppies

CANIDAE Pure Puppy Real Salmon & Oatmeal Recipe

Salmon, as the primary protein source, provides omega-3 fatty acids crucial for puppies’ brain and eye functions. CANIDAE focuses on limited ingredients utilizing salmon meal, pea protein concentrate and oatmeal. This ensures digestibility, avoiding fillers and preservatives. 

Real salmon not only provides high-quality protein but an appetizing taste, too, encouraging regular eating. Oatmeal supplies fibre to facilitate healthy digestion. This grain-free kibble naturally nurtures puppies with balanced nutrition. Switching to this diet supports vision, joints, and skin; coats are lustrous.

Best Dog Food For Border Collie Puppies

Wrap Up

Choosing the right dry or wet puppy food is crucial to properly nurturing and growing Border Collies. The ideal option should provide complete and balanced nutrition from high-quality animal-based proteins and whole grains, supplemented with vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. All the brands discussed here fit these criteria and are suitable choices. In the end, observe your puppy’s health, energy levels, coat, and digestion to determine the food that best fits them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1: What do you feed Border Collie puppies?

Ans 1: Feeding amounts should be about two cups of dry food, one cup of raw meat, two eggs, and two raw bones weekly. 

Q.2: Can Border Collies eat rice?

Q.2: Dogs can consume rice, yes. You may have observed that commercial dog meals contain rice as an ingredient. Rice should only be a component of a diverse diet that provides all the nutrients your dog needs; it shouldn’t be a regular meal. 

Q.3: Is milk good for Border Collies?

Ans 3: One of the main causes of food intolerance in dogs is dairy products. A lot of dogs have trouble digesting milk because they are lactose intolerant. Although lactose-intolerant dogs usually have difficulty digesting dairy items like cheese and plain yoghurt, some have issues drinking milk.

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